Applications, Oppositions, Registrations, and Portfolio Management

Let us help you protect your important trademarks, trade names and brands, and avoid the disappointment which occurs far too often when you find to your surprise that a third party has applied for and perhaps already successfully registered a trademark or brand you’ve been using for years. A federal or provincial incorporation of your company, or the registration of your business name or trade name unfortunately does not protect your company name or trade name as a trademark. Proactive federal registration of your important or potentially important trademarks, trade names or brands is always much more cost effective than trying to oppose trademark registration by a third party, or trying to expunge an already registered trademark that perhaps should not have been registrable in the first place.

Specializing In

  • Trademark clearance searching and guidance on selecting trademarks with a better chance of successful registration
  • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting trademark applications in Canada, and in the US and overseas through the Madrid System and through reliable foreign associates
  • Trademark licensing, assignments, and exploitation of trademark rights
  • Trademark portfolio maintenance and management